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Benefits of Pearl Powder

Posted by Serene Ang on
Benefits of Pearl Powder

Traditional Chinese Medicine - Pearl Powder

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pearl powder is cold in nature and reduces heat in the body. It reduces excess heat in the liver and hence calms the mind and nervous system. In relation to this effect, it is sometimes used for insomnia. It also detoxifies the body and promotes skin healing and anti-inflammatory. 

Pearl powder is rich in amino acids, peptides, minerals and antioxidants and is a rich source of calcium too.  

Benefits of Pearl Powder for Skin

  1. Whitening 美白祛斑

Pearl powder has been used for centuries for its whitening effects. Recent studies found pearl powder to be a good antioxidant, increasing levels of SOD(superoxide dismutase)  that gets rid of free radicals in our skin with anti-aging effects and reduces pigmentation spots. Research has shown that pearl powder inhibits the production of melanin, which is why it is commonly used in TCM beauty Singapore to whiten skin and reduce pigmentation. In TCM Singapore recommend, pearl powder is even taken orally to increase the efficacy of skin whitening. 珍珠粉自古流传都是它的美白功效,经过科学研究发现,珍珠粉中的微量元素可以帮助肌肤促进SOD的数量,提高了活性,制造出来的谷胱甘肽过氧化物酶可以和SOD一样,起到清除自由基,改善肤色的作用。珍珠粉有效去除脸上的斑点如果想要美白的亲,用珍珠粉内服外敷效果更好。

  1. Prevent acne 祛痘

Pearl powder clears heat and toxins, clears phlegm and it has good efficacy in extracting oil and dirt from the skin. It increases the metabolism of the skin enhancing skin regeneration and controls oil production and absorbs oil. When applied topically it also calms the skin and reduces redness. In Chinese TCM singapore, pearl powder is also taken orally to reduce heat and toxins for acne prone skin. 珍珠粉可清热解毒,有消炎作用,可以很好的清洁肌肤、控油,促进受损的肌肤得到再生与修复,而内服珍珠粉则帮助体内清热解毒,进一步缓解热性引起长痘痘的情况。祛痘、去痘印,还能预防再长痘。

  1. Get rid of Blackheads去黑头

Pearl powder has a deep cleansing ability that is able to cleanse blackheads and dead skin cells, minimising pores as well. 珍珠粉具有深层洁净肌肤的能力,对黑头具有很好的吸附能力,将肌肤的死皮和毛孔中的污垢吸出来。

 4. Stimulates collagen production 

Pearl Powder contains signal proteins that stimulate the regeneration of collagen giving plump glowing skin when used over the long term. It is rich in amino acids and contains more than 30 trace minerals to support health. It has to be taken orally for these benefits to be seen. 

How to use Pearl Powder:

1) in DIY Face Masks - simple mask recipe below 

2) taken orally as a supplement- pearl powder are available in capsule or powder form, just sprinkle on oats or drink with warm water.

3) as finishing powder to set your makeup - many finishing powders actually contain pearl powder as it gives a luminescence glow finish. 

Below is a simple DIY face mask using just 2 ingredients : Pearl powder & Honey. Honey is suitable for dry skin as it's moisturizing. If you have oily skin, you can replace the honey with egg white or milk or yogurt. 


Pearl Honey Face Mask珍珠粉蜂蜜美白面膜

Suitable for: Dry/Combination Skin types/ Acne Prone skin


Ingredients 材料:

  1. Pearl Powder 30g ; 珍珠粉30克
  2. Honey 1 tsp ; 蜂蜜 1 茶匙

 Pearl honey mask ingredients in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Directions 制作方法:

  1. In a bowl, mix the pearl powder and honey and slowly mix to form a paste. Use immediately. 在面膜碗里加入材料,搅拌均匀即成。
  2. Wash off with warm water after 10-15mins. 过10-15分钟,用温水冲洗净.

Traditional Chinese Medicine pearl honey mask ingredients step 2 mix

 Traditional Chinese Medicine - final pearl honey mask mixed

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