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TCM Skincare | Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with Science| Made in SG

Serenity TCM Beauty (5erenity2) is the first made in Singapore brand that integrates the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and Modern Science, with a unique range of products that are natural, safe and effective for all skin types.
Our objective is to achieve healthy radiant skin whatever our age and skin type. To do this we need to maintain our body’s yin-yang balance, which stimulates our self-healing mechanism and our skin can repair and renew itself optimally, revealing healthy radiant skin.
Our products focus on achieving balance for our skin and stimulating the body’s self-healing mechanism using natural TCM herbs and natural ingredients. All our products are formulated according to the ancient principles of Chinese Medicine to capture the essence of the different traditional medicinal herbs put together. Time-tested traditional remedies are reformulated using modern scientific techniques, technology & ingredients to ensure safety and efficacy without preservatives and additives suitable even for sensitive skin.