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Combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with Modern Science

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Traditional Wisdom. Modern Beauty.

Healthy radiant skin is a reflection of our inner health. True beauty shines thru from within when our mind, body & soul are healthy and balanced. Calm, Peaceful, Serene.

Our skincare is formulated by a team of TCM Physicians & Pharmacists to ensure they adhere to the ancient principles of TCM, combined with modern beauty ingredients and scientific techniques to harness the best of both East & West.

  • Really Good

    "My skin feels soft & smooth. I can really see a difference in the morning after morning facial wash!"

  • Instant Glow

    "Leaves my skin clean, soft & refreshed! Instantly radiant & shine-free!"

  • Glowy & Radiant

    "Clearer, brighter skin tone after using it for a month. Makes my skin look flawless!"

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