About Serene SkinLab | 5erenity2 | TCM Skin Singapore

(5erenity2 ) Serene SkinLab was birthed from an inherent frustration from a lack of skincare products to address a personal skin condition. The 5 in the name 5erenity2 was inspired by the 5 elements and Yin Yang (y2) in TCM - with the goal being our skin or health achieving a state of Serenity or calm amidst the environmental factors or pollution that causes aging or diseases.

As a trained pharmacist, I had tried for years in vain to find a suitable treatment for my Vitiligo. In TCM, when our body is in a state of imbalance, it displays abnormalities on the outside- like in my case – my immune system attacks the melanin in my skin resulting in white non-pigmented patches.

An opportunity came when I met an old friend who is a TCM physician. In one of our conversations, we chatted about how we could combine TCM and western medicine in my endless quest to find suitable skincare solutions for my skin condition. 

So the more I read the more intrigued I become, naturally I started to read more on how TCM can treat or alleviate the symptoms and in the process beautify our skin and eventually hope to find a treatment for my Vitiligo & sensitive skin. 

It is not easy to find reliable and quality products on the market that suit my sensitive skin without aggravating my skin condition. Many skincare brands and products on the market either have too many preservatives and chemicals or do not heal the body from within. Hence Serene SkinLab is born with our first range of products as Serenity (5erenity2).

The effectiveness of TCM depends very much on the combination of the herbs we use due to the natural synergistic effect of some herbs. We only use Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients to create proprietary blends that work together synergistically to maximize the benefits for your skin. These herbs are time tested and then combined with modern science ingredients such as Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and Niacinamide. We then use high-tech manufacturing techniques to boost the potency & maximize the efficacy of the formulations to bring you the best of old & new in Serene SkinLab.

As our products are all-natural and gentle on the skin with no additives, preservatives, or fragrances, you can expect to see benefits, especially when used over the long term. You can also rest assured of the high quality and safety of our products even with long-term use.

My quest for beauty has been interesting. What started out as a personal gain has now turned into a bigger calling. I would like to help everyone achieve balanced, harmonized skin and be the best version of ourselves at any age through Serene SkinLab.