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Serenity Floral Tea - The Svelte Beaute Tea

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The Svelte Beauté Tea

Achieve your desired figure with this unique blend of herbs specially designed to help detox & aid in achieving your slimming goals.

In TCM, being overweight is generally regarded as an imbalance in the body. Once the body's balance is restored, the metabolism will process food properly and excess weight should no longer be a problem provided correct foods are eaten in moderate quantities. TCM believes that fat tissue is mostly due to phlegm and dampness. The spleen is at the root of all phlegm production and is involved in the transportation and transformation of body fluids and foods. If the spleen becomes damaged by eating too many sweet foods and getting too little exercise, it will fail in its duty to move and transform waste fluids and foods. Instead these metabolic wastes will gather, collect and transform into dampness. If dampness accumulates over time, they will turn to phlegm, and become fat tissue. Poor Qi energy or poor Qi circulation is also another factor contributing to weight gain. When Qi is insufficient, the functions of the organs will be slowed down and metabolism of fat and water is affected. When there is lack of exercise, Qi flow is also slow leading to accumulation of dampness resulting in poor water circulation, water retention, flabby or bloated body.

Hence to fight fat effectively, one should place more emphasis on clearing and transforming Phlegm and internal dampness. Improving our digestive ability to metabolism our food and focus on detox to remove the metabolic waste and excess fluids and phlegm or internal dampness. Getting rid of fluid retention and waste elimination through detox is also crucial to remove waste products and prevent stagnation and weight problems.

Eating too much food is one key factor that may affect the digestive organs and disrupt their normal functions. When they cannot handle the extra load, digestion will be slow and metabolism slows down. Sweet and greasy foods create excessive phlegm and affects our Spleen so they should be eaten in moderation. Chilled and raw foods also tend to create more phlegm so they should be avoided. Eat more warming foods to invigorate the Spleen will improve our digestive capability. Moderate activity and exercise will improve the Qi flow and help in eliminating the excess phlegm and dampness.

The Svelte Beauté Tea contains natural herbs that work to improve our overall Spleen function and improve our digestive function and rids our body of excessive phlegm. It also helps to get rid of excess dampness and fluid retention to aid detox and prevent stagnation. This tea should be drank after food and complements your diet plan and exercise to obtain a synergistic effect to achieve your desired weight.

Pack Size: 8 or 20 teabags ( 6-7 g per teabag) 

Contains: Hawthorn, Lotus leaf, Poria Cocos, Orange peel

Teabag Material : Made of Biodegradable Corn Fiber Mesh, Non-Toxic and Environmentally-Friendly

No preservatives, No caffeine, Keep refrigerated and away from sunlight

Preparation: Pour 95°C water over tea bag and infuse for 3-5 mins in a 200ml cup. 

Properties: Slight Warm, Slight Bitter, Sour

Meridians: Stomach, Spleen

Caution: Not suitable for pregnancy. Do not drink on empty stomach.