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5erenity2 Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Massage Board

$25.00 SGD

 This Gua Sha board is using high-quality natural Rose Quartz Stone, smooth and delicate, hand-polished,does not pull on the skin. 

Facial scraping effect:
1. Improves blood circulation of the skin thus gives moisturizing effect.
2. Enhances skin immunity.
3. Improve facial blood circulation, speed up metabolism and cell renewal, anti-aging effects.
4. Improves yellow, sallow & dull skin with improved blood circulation.
5. Lighten pigment and spots, whitening effects.


Material: Rose Quartz

Colour: Pink


Weight: 50-60g

Massage can be done 2-3 times a week or even daily. Apply some massage cream or facial oil on your surface of face ,body, the back, neck, shoulders,
buttocks, and limbs. Gently run the flat surface of the gua sha board over the skin, with medium to heavy pressure. For face- pressure used should be light to medium. Each area can be stroked 5 times.

Please refer to the Guasha blog page for more detailed gua sha techniques.

Cleaning with cold water, a soft brush gently scrub, then wipe with a cloth and placed on a flat table to dry naturally.