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The Clear Beaute Tea

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The Clear Beauté

Get acne clear skin with this unique blend of flowers & herbs specially designed to improve acne prone skin conditions.

In TCM, acne is commonly referred to as excess external and internal heat particularly in the lungs, stomach, spleen and menstrual/blood system, or the presence of toxin in the body which generates a fiery type of heat. It is also seen as blood stagnation where our blood circulation is too slow for optimal function. If there is presence of cysts or clots, there may also be fluid stagnation where the circulation of fluid is too slow resulting in excess dampness.

There are three main underlying causes of acne. Firstly, our diet, for example consuming too much spicy, sweet or oily food can lead to heat and dampness accumulating in the stomach and spleen. This disrupts the normal flow of Qi and manifests as acne. Secondly, too much excess external heat and wind in the lungs can also lead to acne breakouts. Finally, acne also develops when there is too much dampness in the body. A weak spleen impairs the body’s ability to process nutrients from food and water which in turn, disrupts the flow of qi, blood production and circulation. Dampness and blood stagnation obstruct skin pores and causes the formation of deep-rooted and large acne. Stress is also another common cause of acne, where there is excess liver heat and resulting in acne breakouts.

This unique blend of flowers and herbs works to reduce the excess external and internal toxic heat and reduce the dampness in our body by stimulating the flow of Qi and blood and fluids in our body to reduce stagnation and congestion. Once the balance between Yin and Yang is restored, our skin healing mechanism is activated and acne will be kept at bay.

The Clear Beauté Tea is rich in Vitamins A & C, anti-oxidants and also contains natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds that heals and nourishes our skin. It can be drank daily to help achieve smooth and acne-clear skin.

For best results, it is best combined with a proper diet such as reducing intake of spicy, sweet or oily food, or food that is heaty or damp causing. If acne is severe, prescribed herbal medication from a certified TCM physician may be required.

Pack Size : 8 or 20 Teabags ( 7- 8g each teabag) 

Ingredients: Honeysuckle, Chrysanthemum, Liquorice, Forsythia

Teabag Material : Made of Biodegradable Corn Fiber Mesh, Non-Toxic and Environmentally-Friendly

No preservatives, No caffeine, Keep refrigerated & away from sunlight

Preparation: Pour 95°C water over tea bag & infuse for 3-5mins in a 200ml cup. 

Properties: Cold, Bitter, Sweet

Meridians: Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lungs

Caution: Due to its cold nature, it is not suitable for pregnant women or to be taken during menstrual period. Those with a weak stomach or digestive system should take it after food.