Hawthorne Recipes

Hawthorne Recipes

Simple Hawthorne Berries Recipes - TCM Beauty

1) Hawthorne & Goji Berry Tea山楂枸杞

This tea helps to nourish the liver, has anti-aging and slimming effects and lowers the cholesterol.  这茶有效抗衰老,同时还起到美容的功效,最重要的是,山楂枸杞茶具有一定的瘦身减肥效果。

Ingredients材料 (serves 2)

  1. Hawthorne berries 20 g ; 山楂 20克,
  2. Goji berries 10 g ; 枸杞子10克,
  3. Water 500 ml ; 清水500 ml


  1. Rinse & soak the dried berries for 10 mins. 将枸杞、山楂用清水略浸泡10分钟后冲洗一下。
  2. Place ingredients in the teapot, add boiling water and let it steep for 5-10 mins. Some honey can be added to taste as desired. 注入沸水冲泡。盖盖闷5-10分钟即可饮用。怕酸的朋友可以在茶水晾凉一些后加入蜂蜜饮用。


2) Hawthorne & Lotus leaf Tea山楂荷叶茶

TCM Beauty Lotus leaf Tea

This tea helps to protect the liver, reduces fatty deposits in the liver and prevents fatty liver. Commonly used as slimming tea. 这茶可以保护肝细胞,恢复肝功能,对脂肪肝也有一定的预防和治疗作用,同时还具有不错的减肥功效。

Ingredients材料 (serves 2)

  1. Hawthorne berries 30 g ; 山楂 30克,
  2. Lotus Leaf 15 g ; 荷叶15克,
  3. Water 500 ml ; 清水500 ml


  1. Rinse & soak the dried ingredients for 10 mins. 把荷叶、山楂用清水略浸泡10分钟后冲洗一下。然后同放进锅内。
  2. Add all ingredients into a pot of boiling water and boil for 20 mins. Strain and add honey to taste if desired. 加入清水煎煮 20分钟,再加入糖或蜂蜜调味,代茶饮用。

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