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What is 5erenity2?

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What is 5erenity2?

What is 5erenity2?

5erenity² (Pronounced as Serenity Square) is founded by Serene, a Pharmacist. Having keen interest in healing skincare, she worked together with a registered TCM Physician to formulate a range of skincare that is based on the traditional principles of TCM or traditional chinese medicine.

To have great skin beauty, we have to heal the body from within. I would like to invite you to join me on our TCM Journey as I discover TCM beauty tips & recipes to improve our health overall.

Because you will understand more about chinese tcm Singapore and tcm beauty Singapore, if you want to know more about our homemade product, feel free to look up our website tcm Singapore

So you will see how it’s important to use our product for your skin and how that can improve your beauty. Traditional Chinese Medicine is used in the world because everyone know how it’s nice to have beautiful skin and so we recommend using our chinese TCM Singapore based skincare to become more beautiful and incredible.

Integrating TCM & science

By integrating the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern science, we created a skincare collection that is effective, nourishes & rejuvenates our skin, mind and body. When our body is in balance, our self-healing mechanism is stimulated.

All our products are synergistically formulated according to the ancient principles of Chinese Medicine to capture the essence of the different traditional medicinal herbs put together. Time-tested traditional remedies are reformulated using modern scientific techniques and technology & ingredients.

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