Does TCM help with Acne?

Does TCM help with Acne?

Does TCM Helps With Acne?

Several dermatological problems like acne and eczema are now being treated with the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM. This holistic approach is being practiced in China for over 4000 years but its popularity in other parts of the world is very recent. Since this process of treatment is more of a foundation-based method, it mostly deals with the root cause of a problem. The Chinese believed that the proper flow of energy and blood through your body can work wonders on your skin. And that is exactly what is needed to treat acne. When you address the direct underlying reason, your acne will not keep coming back. In TCM, acne is commonly referred to as excess external and internal heat particularly in the lungs, stomach, spleen and menstrual/blood system, or the presence of toxin in the body which generates a fiery type of heat.

 Some of the ways in which you can treat acne according to TCM are –

  • Apply natural ingredients topically – No more applying harsh benzoyl peroxide because with TCM, you will only be using natural ingredients that mean no harm. Some of the items suggested by experts include pearl powder, honeysuckle flower powder, and fresh juice of cucumber. Another skin-boosting ingredient is using honey by mixing with coconut oil which will act as good as any face wash.

  • Do some exercise – A good workout session is important not only for dealing with acne but also for all other health-related problems. Regular exercise will help in a smooth flow of blood in your body. Moreover, exercise helps to relieve stress which, in turn, reduces acne.

  • Use herbs – Herbs are a primary treatment in TCM. There are several adaptogens that will minimize the occurrence of breakouts by bringing a balance in your hormonal release. Several herbs are used in the process like ashwagandha, astragalus, ginseng, licorice root and many more. These herbs can also help to lower your cortisol levels which will keep your skin clear and glowing. Most of the herbs for acne also reduce the excess internal and external toxic heat in the body.

Finding proper Chinese medicine for acne can be tough, especially in a place like Singapore. If you are looking for what TCM Acne Singapore has to offer, 5erenity2 or Serenity is the place to look for. We at Serenity have created ‘ The Clear Beauté Tea’ which is a brilliant Traditional Chinese Medicine tea remedy for acne, effective and produced with perfection.

TCM methods are much better than using harmful chemicals and topical agents that have their own side effects. Moreover, with TCM beauty can be enhanced if you are patient and once your skin attains a stable condition, you need not worry about acne again. Try our Clear Spot Acne Treatment Gel now for your acne problems. 

Clear Spot Acne Treatment Gel


A spot treatment that helps fight acne fast, reduces swelling and redness while healing skin for spotless-looking skin. It lightens dark spots caused by acne for a more even skin tone. Visibly diminishes acne blemishes, regulates sebum production, tightens pores and helps prevent new spots. 

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